Know before you go... When evaluating an association it is always wise to have an understanding of the rules, requirements and possible undisclosed fees (until you arrive). 

We do NOT charge any extra fees such as:  Overnight stays, tying out horses, judges fees, secretary fees, additional stock charges, and/or admin charges.  We do NOT require contestants to sell end of year ads.  

Arena Address: 125 Roberts Rd 198, Quitman, Ga. 31643

Our set up is pretty simples...

1. Membership - $125 for individuals, $225 for familes of 2 or more. The membership fee goes towards the cost of the finalist belt buckle for members who qualify for finals.  Our retail cost for buckles alone this past rodeo season 2022 was over $25,00.

2. Grounds fee - $10 per rodeo per family – This helps contribute to the cost of the lights and restroom, etc.. $20 per weekend per family.  If you are entering in a Back to Back event then you will still be responsble for the $20 weekend grounds fee.  If you are entered in a Bulls, Broncs, or Mutton busting these are 1x events so only one grounds fee will apply.

3. Permit - This is for non-members ONLY and is $10 per rodeo/per rider.  

4. Payback - Yes; we pay out a portion of entry fees to all division except ribbon and special needs.  We do have ribbons available at the old concession stand..

5. Stock Fees - We do not add any additional stock fee to the entry fees.

6. Entry Fees - $10 Special needs, $10 PeeWee and $20 Jr, Sr, and HS division 
Exceptions: Bulls and Brons will be $50 for one ride.  This provides same amount of money added to the awards.  

7. End of Year Ads - We do not have the members sell ads.

8. Raffle tickets – Yes; There will be one required fundraiser.  The requirement is $150 for individuals and $50 for each additional child; max $250 per family.   The tickets will be issued to each family at the 1st rodeo and the drawing will be held at the Sunday Rodeo in December.

We always have at least 3 items on the raffle tickets that are of exceptional value.  So, tickets are generally easy to sale.

9.  Attendance Requirements – You must attend 67% of the rodeos to be eligible for finals.

10. Attendance Requirement dates – September – April (So from September to April you must attend 12 out of 18 rodeos) 

11. Event Requirements – Yes; you must compete in at least 50% of the total rodeos in an event to qualify for finals in that event.

12. Finals- You must compete at the finals to receive awards.   All qualifying contestants will recieve a belt buckle and assorted finalist awards (Tshirts, etc...).  There will be an additional Finals Fee per contestant.

13.  What is western attire?  This is a rodeo style hat, long sleeves, jeans, and boots.  Western Attire is required to be worn by contestants while in the arena.  Failure to be in Western Attire will result in a NO time.  Shirts need to be tucked in.

14.  Rain dates: All our regularly scheduled rodeos are the 1st weekend of the month.  Should a rodeo be rained out we will utilize the 4th weekend as the make up date.




Pizza Party... We have a Pizza Party provided by J2 Quarter Horse at the finals each year. Normally, we buy about 40 pizza each year. This year we had spaghetti and bbq as alternatives to those who don't eat pizza.