Rodeo Attendance

Copied from rulebook.
Attendance Requirement From September – April there are 18 rodeos. Contestants must attend 67% of the rodeos. This means you MUST attend 12 of the 18 rodeos to meet the attendance requirement for finals.

Back to Back Events (those done only on Saturday) From September – April there are 9 Saturday Rodeos.  Contestants must attend 67% of the rodeos. This means you MUST attend 6 of the 9 rodeos to meet the attendance requirement for finals.

This list is thur the December Rodeo

Water Access / Arena Change

The two water troughs that we have setup at the arena will not be available for use  anymore.

We wanted to give all our members adequate time to get watering buckets. If you run water hoses to your trailer please bring a spliter so that others can use the same line.

Why? All we know for sure is rumors that 3 of our members had sick horses and that a member was calling other members claiming that their horses got sick after a rodeo at our arena. We were told that they were going to call the State Ag office to report our arena for being the responsible.

What we did… To stop the rumors, we contacted the State Equine Agent for suggestions/guidance. Per
their recommendations we had Dr Blair come out and evaluate our horses. Even though he did not feel
that we had any issues he took cultures from a couple of our horses. We just got the results back and
NONE of our horses have any infections.

This whole ordeal has been very stressful and costly on Buddy and I. If you are hauling your horses
anywhere you need to understand that you are putting them at risk for exposure. Collectively, our
members compete in at least 5 rodeo associations, not counting local shows. A horse does not have to
appear to be sick to be a carrier. If your first response is to involve State, then we respectfully ask that
you no longer attend our rodeos. If you have sick horses at home then please contact your vet; let us
know and if it is something that other members should be concerned about we can let all members

Why no public water troughs? We asked Dr. Blair for guidance, and he suggested eliminating potential
possibilities for exposure. The only thing we could identify was the water trough.

Vaccinations – He also said that everyone who is hauling horse is putting their horses at risk and those a
with an unvaccinated horse is even at a greater risk.

With all the changes in weather and just hauling a horse; a horse can catch a cold. Yes; a horse can
catch a cold just like you and I. When talking to Dr. Blair and the State Ag Agent we were told that there
are LOTS of sick horses this time of year. We do ask that you if you know your horse is sick or in a
recovery that you do not bring them to the rodeos.

God Bless and Thank you,
Buddy and Serena