2023 -2024

Sep 15th

Ground Dummy Ropers cannot be entered in any event using livestock.

Mounted Dummy Ropers can be entered in the breakaway (1st year breakaway ropers only) This is meant to be a learning event to help ropers learn how to swing a rope while mounted.

Points for both events will count towards all around since there is a difference in all three of the events. One is on the ground; one is mounted and the other utilizes livestock.  All three of these events require different skill sets.


Aug 15th

We are looking forward to the  new rodeo season very much!  I am happy to say we have several new members and families that are new to rodeo as well.  Please help them feel welcome and help us provide support to them during the season.   We are still working on getting all the details worked out based on our current contestants.  I do expect a few more families to enter so the draw is not final and will change.  

Just a reminder; we give awards to the top 5 in each event.  So, when reviewing the draw if an event has less than 5 contestants please consider signing up for that event.  After; the first rodeo any event not haveing 3 or more contestants will be combined with another division for points and awards for the remainder of the rodeo season.

Peewee Division – We have broken down this division into independent riders and lead line riders. 

To be eligible for the All Around Champion Peewee saddle the contestant must be an independent rider; only one saddle will be awarded in the peewee division.  The peewee division is supposed to be a learning age group and they should not feel the pressure of competition.   

There will be no changes in the way  peewee awards have been given out in the past.  Awards are not broken down by events. 
All Peewees get the same thing except for the overall saddle and reserve champion breast collar.

Lead line riders can advance to the independent rider division and ride in both as they advance.  However; independent riders should not regress down to lead line.

Peewee Leadline Poles will be a mini pole pattern with 3 poles reducing the distance the contestant is lead.

Junior Goat Ribbon Pull / Goat Tying – ages 5-8 can do both tying and ribbon pull; and contestants ages 9 that are new to this event can do both.  If a contestant is doing both then the All Around Points will be awarded in the Goat Tying and points in the ribbon pull will be deducted from the All Around Points standing.  Contestants will be eligible for awards in both events.

Team Ropers can rope more than once this season. Points will only count with their points partners.  The extra run(s) are for payout only.  Team Roping will be held on Saturday and Sunday; all runs will not be ran on the same day.

Bronc Riders  - Division is HS Stock but contestants will rider according to their age division

Order of Events has not been confirmed yet…